Valley Central School District

Loyalty. Service. Progress.

Valley Central School District
District Goals

  1. Student Achievement - Prioritize continuous improvement for all students at all levels.
  2. Knowledgeable and Dedicated Staff - Maintain and support a highly qualified, diverse staff whose members are student centered, reflective, enthusiastic, and committed to professional excellence.
  3. Safe (Innovative) Environment - Maintain an innovative learning environment that is safe, efficient, nurturing, and supportive of quality teaching and learning.
  4. Partnership with Community - Foster strong partnerships with home, school, business, and the community to ensure that citizens are well informed.
  5. Manage Finances and Long-Term Planning to Create Efficiencies with Regard to Staffing, Programs, Infrastructure and Future Needs - Seek opportunities and strategies to plan for efficiencies and to conserve resources.*
* Goal 5 will be a Board of Education focus and will not be included in the Comprehensive Accountability Plan for other groups.

Adopted by the Board of Education on August 29, 2016