These links are to outside web pages. Parents should always take care to be aware of what children have access to online.  Take the time to peruse the links yourself, or better yet, explore them with your children.
Here are links to some fun and informative sites.
Careers in Music - a thorough listing of all types of musical careers maintained by the Berklee College of Music
Discovery School - games, study tools, and information maintained by the folks at the Discovery Channel
Mozart Manuscripts- The British Museum hosts an interactive display of Mozart's music in his own handwriting. Very cool.
National Geographic Homework Help - source for research divided into key topics with lots of other links
New York Philharmonic Kidzone - news, games, and activities to help kids enjoy symphonic music
OddMusic - unique and experimental musical instruments, including lots of pictures and sound files.
PBS Kids - games and activites tied in to PBS' wealth of educational programming
Save Our Sounds - a Smithsonian initiative seeking to preserve rare and important sounds from our history
Smithsonian Education - another Smithsonian site mirroring the Institute's many areas of cool topics 
Yahooligans - a Yahoo search engine built for kids
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