Valley Central School District

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Welcome to Home and Career Skills   In New York State, every middle student takes three quarters of a year of Home & Career Skills.  This hands-on course offers students a chance to apply skills they learn in academic subjects to real world experiences.  At Valley Central, each quarter focuses on a different aspect of Family & Consumer Sciences (a.k.a. Home Economics).  Mrs. Toromanides teaches the units on Financial Literacy, Careers and Child Safety.  Mrs. DeMeo teaches our Foods & Nutrition units, and the  Sewing/Housing classes are split between Mrs. Toromanides and Mrs. DeMeo.  On the “off” quarter, students have a study hall.  WHY SHOULD MY CHILD CARE ABOUT HOME & CAREER SKILLS? •  Home & Career Skills teaches useful skills such as sewing a button, doing laundry, writing a check, and tying a square knot. •  In Home & Career Skills, your child is encouraged to practice reading and following directions every day. •  Home & Career Skills students work with partners as they might in a real workplace situation. •  Home & Careers Skills is designed to give every student a chance to be successful. •  Home & Career Skills offers your child opportunities to problem solve and be creative. •  The Home & Career Skills grade figures into the your child’s overall grade point average. •   Home & Career Skills can affect your child’s academic eligibility for sports, clubs, and reward trips. HOW CAN YOUR CHILD RAISE HIS/HER GRADE? •  Your child can come to school regularly. •  Your child can actively participate in the daily lesson. •  Your child can come in during post-session and/or lunch to make up incomplete work. •  Your child can realize that every class can be useful and interesting if he/she puts in some effort.