Valley Central School District

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Kids Helping Kids As with most bicycle history it all started with a Schwinn. In the fall of 2000 a bicycle restoration of a Schwinn “Little Chick” rescued from a junk yard by four students has created a holiday tradition at ValleyCentralMiddle School.These four students would start and finish the restoration during their technology class.This project was met with such student excitement and success, teachers Mike Presutti and John Van Fradenburgh saw this as an opportunity to have the students give back to the community.Mike Presutti thought if we can complete one bike, why not others and donate them back into the community.With outside donations of bikes, money and parts, the program quickly grew.By the end of that first Christmas, four students had grown to over a dozen.One bike that was restored had spawned 24 others to be donated through out the community.Currently the program has any where from 25 to 50 students working on the bikes during the course of the school year.These students use their own time such as: class time, study halls, lunch, and even post session to complete the bikes.Bikes that are restored are no longer just donated at Christmas, but whenever there is a child in need of a bike.What also started as a local donation has spread to other school districts in the area as well as to the NYPD.Each year the Kids Helping Kids program expands its reach, but one thing that remains the same is the students giving of there time and effort freely to help others without any compensation. Contact Info: