Berea Host Fun Days!

On Friday, January 13th, Berea held its first “Fun Day” by having a teacher “Game Show”. The intention of these “fun days” are to help create a greater sense of school community.
The students of Berea rallied behind their teachers as they squared off against each other to see which team was “Smarter Than a Berea Student”. Both teams, the Annihilators and the Eliminators went head to head throughout the entire game, but it was the Eliminators that took the lead in the “Lightning Round”. 5th graders Kourtney Brown tallied the score throughout the game while Emma and Evan Jackson waited for our winning team to take their bow before releasing their confetti poppers! Game show host, event organizer,and art teacher, Mrs. Brahm, would like to thank all of the participating teachers for volunteering and showing off their Berea Best to the school!
These Fun Days will continue each month.