VC Presents the Top 25 of the Class of 2020

The Valley Central School District proudly presents the Top 25 students of Valley Central High School’s Class of 2020. Among them are future doctors, scientists, teachers, physicists, zoologists, nurses, business leaders, teachers and engineers. They make us VC PROUD!   In order from one to twenty-five, they are:  Kimberly Black, Valedictorian  Kimberly Black will be …

Fifth Grade Inventors answer the call to Invent a New Toy!

Fifth grade inventors from Montgomery Elementary in Miss Quitoni and Mrs. Gollinger’s classes were challenged to design a new toy!  Our students answered the call with some really great and inspiring ideas!

Locker Clear Out Plan

  We realize that even with the opportunity for students to gather belongings in March, some items have been left behind. Likewise, students have textbooks, school uniforms and other items to return to the school. As a result, Valley Central High School and Middle School are coordinating student drop off of school items and student …

Coronavirus Update: May 21

The script of the phone call from Deputy Superintendent, Michael Bellarosa is found on our Coronavirus 2020 webpage. 

MES Project Fit Program is Exemplary

Congratulations to MES for being recognized by Project Fit America for having an “outstanding, exemplary” program! Congratulations to Christine Giudice and Doug Luciano for creating a great program through Project Fit America for our kids. Learn more about Project Fit America at