Hybrid Instructional Model Explained- Choose Between Hybrid or 100% Online Learning

Valley Central families have the opportunity to choose from a hybrid instructional method or 100% at home remote/online learning.  Please indicate your choice by Wednesday, August 5th.

  Valley Central has been working collaboratively to develop the best program we can, under the guidelines that are imposed upon us by the State Education Department and the State Department of Health. There is no perfect model.

Please remember that depending on how many students choose a hybrid model and how many choose 100% remote/online, these descriptions could change slightly.  It is important that you fill out the form by the end of the day on Wednesday, August 5th.  Please fill one out for each child you have enrolled in Valley Central. 

Google Form: Returning to Learning: Please tell us your preference for your child’s learning plan and let us know if your child will be taking the bus


Hybrid Instructional Model

This model includes two days of in person instruction which will occur at school, with classes of 50% or less capacity. Social distancing protocol will be followed as explained in our plan.  This learning will be standards-based and will include high quality rigorous instructional opportunities and experiences.

Students in elementary school will stay in the classroom to the greatest extent possible and will receive art, music and physical education. Middle school and high school students will follow a nine period schedule.  Building administrators are working assiduously with their teams to create the most effective schedules possible.

This model also includes two days of remote instruction, which is also known as asynchronous instruction. Remote learning is done virtually through a combination of video instruction and student activities. There is limited live interaction with teachers on this day, as they are teaching the in-class cohort. Remote learning can include a combination of methods such as live streaming of classroom instruction which is recorded and posted to the Google Classroom, instructional videos, presentations, research and more. 

This model also includes one day of online instruction, which will take place on Wednesdays and is referred to as synchronous instruction.  Online learning will be done virtually through live Google Meets, utilizing full group and small group instruction. It will take place throughout the duration of a normal school day, following the block scheduling of a typical elementary school day and the nine period schedules of the middle school and high school.  This instruction will start with live instruction from the classroom teacher. Students will not be looking at a screen all day, as some activities that take place during these classes will include methods other than the use of the chromebook. However, teachers will be logged into the Google classrooms and available to the students to answer questions, provide feedback, etc. during these online classes.

Students will be expected to log in at scheduled times, however materials will also be available in Google Classroom for students that are not able to attend.  Attendance will be taken in various ways, as is required by the State.

100% Instructional Model

If you choose 100% online learning for your child(ren), they will receive their instruction at home 5 days a week via the chromebook.  This will be a combination of the asynchronous and synchronous methods described above.  The level of synchronous instruction will vary depending on the number of students who choose this method. 

Self Contained Special Education Students
ALC and Viking Academy Students

As a reminder, all of our self-contained special education students, ALC students and Viking Academy students will receive 5 days of in person instruction in the school buildings.

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