East Coldenham Elementary COVID Procedures

Arrival Procedures

Walker Arrival (Temperatures to be taken daily upon arrival for each student.)

You can drive your child(ren) to the sidewalk along the visitor’s parking lot (the lot to the left as you enter the complex).  Please remain in your car with your child until someone comes to take their temperature.

GRADE – Please indicate your child(ren)’s grade to the person taking their temperature(s). This will help greatly in organizing arrival.

One at a time – Students will enter one at a time at both entry locations and will report directly to class (unless they are purchasing breakfast- see below).

FOOD – Breakfast will be “Grab-and-Go” for those who eat breakfast at school. These students will go directly to the cafeteria, get breakfast, then report directly to class.  We strongly suggest the use of MySchool Bucks (our virtual lunch money program) to curb the potential of contaminated paper money being passed around.

ACCESS – Please note that parents will not be provided access to the building or grounds until further notice. Please say goodbye to your little one/bigger one/almost big kid in the car.  We will take care of them as if they were our own! 

Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd GradesDoor #2 Entry (left side, looking at the building)

Staff will be stationed at these doors to receive children and will assist in ensuring students find their classroom and teacher.

Students who eat breakfast at school will enter through the main entrance and will go directly to the cafeteria. After they pick-up their bagged breakfast, they will report to their classroom.

Grades 3, 4, & 5 – Main Entrance

Students will be admitted through the main entrance.

Breakfast students will report directly to the cafeteria.  After they pick-up their bagged breakfast, they will report to their classroom.

Bus Arrival (Temperatures to be taken daily upon arrival for each student)

Students will be let out of each bus, one at a time and upon entry to the building report directly to class. 

Late Students – Front Entry (Door #1)

Please ring the bell and have your ID ready for presentation to the bell camera our Greeter operates. They will then buzz your child in the front door. Please note that parents/visitors are not provided with access to the school building. The Greeter (or designated staff member) will sign your child in and notify the teacher that the child has arrived and is proceeding to class. 

Lunch – Students will eat lunch in their classrooms.  Students will have the option of bringing their own lunch or purchasing lunch from the cafeteria.  Orders for school lunch will be placed with the teacher in the morning.  A para will bring the ordered food to the classroom. 

Recess – Recess will immediately follow lunch.  Students will be taken outside, weather permitting.  During inclement weather, students will be taken to a larger space (gym, etc.) for recess.  Desks will be cleaned and trash from lunch will be removed during this time.  

Student Pickup/Item Drop Off (mid-day)

Please ring the bell at the front door and have your ID ready for presentation to the bell camera our Greeter operates. They will then ask for the purpose of your visit. Please note that parents/visitors are not provided with access to the school building. The Greeter will then call for your child to report to the Greeter’s desk with their belongings for dismissal and will escort them to the door to meet you outside.  Items being dropped off to the building can be left on a small table by the main entrance.  The Greeter will obtain the items once the visitor is 6 feet away from the front door and ensure items are delivered to the proper location in the building.   

Hand Washing/Sanitizing Schedule

Arrival to classrooms in AM 

Before and after snack and lunch

Before and after recess 

Before and after special area classes 

Before/After using shared objects (e.g. electronic devices, toys, tabletops) 

After using the bathroom 

After sneezing, wiping, or blowing nose, or coughing into hands 

Upon coming in from outdoors 

Anytime hands are visibly soiled 

Classroom Setup

Students will sit at desks that are kept 6 feet apart.

Students and teachers will wear masks at all times, but will be provided with frequent, controlled mask breaks throughout the day.

All student desks will face the same direction towards the front of the classroom.

Teachers will open windows and doors frequently to improve ventilation.

Student coats and bookbags will be placed on the back of each chair/floor, as cubbies and lockers may not be used.

Dismissal Procedures

Walker Dismissal

Dismissal will take place at the doors to the left of the main entrance for students in grades K-2 and at the main entrance for grades 3-5. 

Parents will wait six feet apart outside the door to the left and wait until directed to approach their child/teacher.  Once identification is verified, the teacher will mark the student as dismissed and write down the parent/guardian name for safety purposes. 

Walker dismissal will begin at  3:05 pm with Kindergarten and will progress through the grades chronologically.  

Bus Dismissal

As buses arrive, students will be called by bus, one bus a time. 

Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grades will exit through the door to the left of the building. Kindergarten students will be escorted by a paraprofessional.  

3rd, 4th, and 5th grades will exit through the main door.  Dismissal will begin as buses arrive and the walker crowd thins out enough to safely dismiss students.  We approximate this time to begin around 3:25 pm.    

We anticipate that these procedures will take time. We will patiently work our way through it. We ask that you also be patient with us as your child’s health and safety is our fundamental concern.

For Help on Remote and Online Days

Consult the VC Parent Guide to Instruction

Parent  Resources

Parent  Resources

The VC Parent Resource Page contains Student Login Information, Tutorials, Tech Assistance, as well as WiFi/internet information for parents. You can find the VC Digital Parent Resources Page can be found here. 

School Tool Update

In SchoolTool we are using a Custom Alert feature to identify the Team each student has been assigned to for the return to school in September.  This Custom Alert feature appears as a flag; hovering over the flag causes the Team name to display.

Team flag assignments can be viewed in the SchoolTool Parent Portal and Student Portal (for Middle & High School students only) when logged into either Portal using:

A desktop or laptop computer
A mobile device to access the SchoolTool “View Full Site” mobile website

The SchoolTool app does not currently have the ability to display Team flag assignments.

School Meals are Available During the PAUSE of In- Person Instruction

The distribution schedule of the free school meals will be adjusted as follows from November 30, 2020 through January 15, 2021. 

As a reminder, free breakfast and free lunch is available to all VC students, age 2-18. 

Meal pickup will resume on Monday, November 30th. During the pause of in-person instruction, pickup days will be on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Orders must be placed from the website by navigating to the building that your child attends and filling out the order form. If you have children in multiple schools, you may order and pick up meals for each child from the building that is most convenient for you. 

Meal pickup on Mondays: 

Meal pickup on Wednesdays: 

If you have any questions, please email meals@vcsdny.org