8th Grade Recognition Drive Through to Be Held June 16 and June 17

June 16

5:00 – 5:30  Aguilar-Biagini
5:30- 6:00   Bishopp-Champion
6:00-6:30    Cichon-Davis
6:30-7:00    Dechiaro-Engness
7:00-7:30    Espinoza-Golden
7:30-8:00  Gonzalez-Hernandez

June 17

5:00 – 5:30   Heuler-Kinsley
5:30- 6:00    Kolan-Marte
6:00-6:30     Martinez-Puntar
6:30-7:00     Raganuth-Shipman
7:00-7:30     Sierra-Trotter
7:30-8:00    Ubinas-Zheng

This event will take place in timed segments; families can arrive within the designated half-hour time slot based upon the 8th graders’ last name. Should you have any questions or concerns about the time slots provided, please contact Class Advisor, Ms. Maria Circosta, at maria.circosta@vcsdny.org

Students should arrive in ONE car per 8th-grade graduate with family members entering the school complex through the Middle School entrance and proceed to the back teacher parking lot. Staff will be present to direct cars around the parking lot and into the bus lane for the event. In celebration, families are welcome to decorate their cars for the drive-through. Due to limitations of space and time, we can only accommodate one car per student.

8th graders should sit on the passenger side of the car in order to collect their keepsakes at each stop along the celebration route. While students remain in their cars, they will be celebrated and given surprises along the route from the VCMS PTA, Senator Skoufis’ Office, and the VCMS Faculty & Staff.
The end of the route will culminate with the students getting out of the car to have their name announced as they walk across the stage (located in the front of the MS entrance) to receive their 8th grade recognition certificate. Families will remain in their car and be positioned directly in front of the stage to
take pictures and celebrate! Students will then rejoin their family.