Incoming 6th Grade Orientation

6th Grade Presentation

6th Grade Parent Survey

Hello and welcome to Valley Central Middle School! We wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your elementary school success. We hear that the 5th graders in Valley Central are an amazing group of students who have met the challenges of this last school year with a positive attitude and hard work. These are great skills that will serve each of you well
here at VCMS.
We are all looking forward to a little rest and relaxation during summer recess, however, we know that the transition from individual elementary schools to middle school will be on your mind as you go through the summer days. Transition periods in all of our lives can generate a lot of questions, excitement, some concern, and even a little anxiety. Our goal here at VCMS is make
the transition as smooth and seamless as possible and this is accomplished by being afforded as much information as possible.
As a result, we wanted to share our plans for the 2021-2022 6th Grade Orientation and also share what has already taken place.
● The VCMS Student Assistance Counselor, Mrs. Cathy Heil, along with a member of the National Junior Honor Society visited each 5th-grade classroom to introduce the middle school to them. They discussed the major differences between elementary and middle school along with the biggest fears of students. The biggest fears of many 5th graders have been the use of lockers/operating a lock and having enough time to get from class to
● 6th-grade teachers and students created a virtual FlipGrid to share with 5th graders to ask and answer questions directly from student to student. The FlipGrid allows teachers to
create “grids” to facilitate video discussions.
● 6th-grade teachers have also created a very informative 6th Grade Welcome Presentation for students and families

6th Grade Orientation for students AND parents/guardians will be held in 2 sessions on
August 24th – MARK YOUR CALENDARS. More information will be shared in July.
○ Many topics will be presented at the parent section of Orientation including but not limited to google classroom, building procedures arrival, dismissal,
lockers/locks, lunch, guidance happenings, parent portal, SchoolTool, School
Messenger, nurse’s office, VCMS supports for all students, special education,
ADAC Coalition and Vaping presentation, social media, and student discipline
meet the 6th-grade teachers, attendance, music department, and much more.
○ If you are interested in sharing what you are looking for at Orientation, please
complete this short survey at the top of this page to help us in planning. 

● There will be a building tour for students during Orientation. For those that can not make it to the Orientation on August 24th, we will offer building tours by members of the National Junior Honor Society. Sign up for these dates only if you can not attend on the 24th.

More information on registration for tours will follow.
○ Monday, August 9 at 8-9am, 9-10am,11am-12pm
○ Tuesday, August 10 at 2-3pm, 3-4pm, 4-5pm
○ Wednesday, August 11 at 8-9am, 9-10am, 11am-12pm

● 6th Grade Social- this is always a great time and opportunity for 6th graders to meet each other and the staff in a non-academic setting after school. More information will be shared.

At VCMS, we believe that communication is the key to every relationship! We look forward to getting to know each of our new students and families in the upcoming school year. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.