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    ALC has been flocked!  
    ALC has been flocked!  
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    gift card

    The April 2019 Gift Card Raffle has begun!


    The winners are.....


    Week #1:


    April 1st winner - Ticket #190 - Darlene J. won the Dunkin' Donuts gift card!


    April 2nd winner - Ticket #88 - James S. won the Barnes & Noble gift card!


    April 3rd winner - Ticket #208 - Flo V. won the Buffalo Wild Wings gift card!


    April 4th winner - ticket #233 - Shelly C. won the Walmart gift card!


    April 5th winner - Ticket #8 - Heather J., won the Cascarino's gift card!


    April 6th winner - Ticket #89 - Kisha S., won the Midas gift card!


    April 7th winner - Ticket #5 - Sue D. , won The Castle gift card!


    Week #2


    April 8th winner - Ticket #223 - Sybil L., won the Montgomery Book Exchange Gift Card!


    April 9th winner - Ticket #173 - Vijay V., won the Traveling Faces gift card!


    April 10th winner - Ticket #169 - Theresa R. , won the Dine Out gift card!


    April 11th winner - Ticket #179 - Michael C., won the AMC gift card!


    April 12th winner - Ticket #69 - Guy D., won the Adams gift card!


    April 13th winner - Ticket #143 - Alicia G., won the Walden Diner gift card!


    April 14th winner - Ticket #145 - Stacy J. , won the Stewart's gift card!


    Week #3


    April 15th winner - Ticket #179 - Michael C., won the Target gift card!


    April 16th winner - Ticket #92 - Mr. Y, won the Texas Roadhouse gift basket!


    April 17th winner - Ticket #160 - Dia G., won the Chile's gift card!


    April 18th winner - Ticket #230 - Kevin C. , won the Sweeney's Irish Pub gift card!


    April 19th winner - Ticket #68 - Renee G., won the Guy's Night gift card!


    April 20th winner - Ticket #124 - Gheri C., won the Home Depot gift card!


    April 21st winner - Ticket #147 - Joyce S. , won the Downtown Bagels gift card!


    Week #4


    April 22nd winner - Ticket #193 - Heidi G., won the Walmart gift card!


    April 23rd winner - Ticket # 197 - Vaune S., won the Mainline Diner gift card!


    April 24th winner - Ticket #17 - Diane S., won the Speedway gift card!


    April 25th winner - Ticket # 29 - Carol H. , won the Walden Diner gift card!


    April 26th winner - Ticket # 210 - Litia B. , won the Olive Garden gift card!


    Week #5


    April 27th winner - Ticket # 93 - Mr. Y. , won the Montgomery Book Exchange gift card!  
    April 28th winner - Ticket # 40 - Holly B. , won the Beacon Delights gift card!  
    April 29th winner - Ticket # 17 - Diane S. , won the Margaritas Hair Design gift card!  
    April 30th winner - Ticket # 90 - Mara S. , won the Twin Ponds Greenhouse gift card!  



    Proceeds go to the Student Activities Fund at A.L.C.


    Thank you for your support!


    Gift Cards will be raffled off April 1st through April 30th.











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