• Valley Central School District

    Student Dress Code

    The Board of Education requires students to attend school in appropriate dress that meets health and safety standards and does not interfere with the learning process. 

    The BOE prohibits attire bearing an expression or insignia which is obscene or libelous, which advocates racial or religious prejudice, or which displays and/or encourages the use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco. 

    Footwear that marks or damages floors, halter tops, tube tops, bare midriffs, revealing sheer clothing, tight shorts, short-shorts, tight high slit skirts, tank tops with thin straps, pajamas/pajama bottoms are not allowed. 

    Students may not wear hats or bandanas. 

    Various colored beads and bandanas worn on belts, pants, pockets, as head bands, etc. are expressly forbidden given their association with gang activity. 

    Chains of any kid, spiked collars, head or wrist sweat bands, and oversized rings are prohibited. 

    Outerwear (coats) are not to be worn during the school day. 

    Administrators shall have the authority to require a student to change his/her attire should it be deemed inappropriate or offensive.