• Welcome to the Valley Central School District!  The following is a brief summary of our Automated Absence & Substitute Placement System (Aesop).Welcome to the Valley Central School District.  The following is brief summary of our Automated Substitute Placement Service (Aesop).I will try to provide as much information as I can ahead of time so you feel prepared. Always email or call if you have questions or concerns.  
    1.  AESOP will keep track of all of your absences. There is no  need to ask the secretary how many days you have left.  It is all in your account in AESOP.
    2.  If you would like to create an absence on your smart phone access AESOP by typing in https://m.aesoponline.com. You can create the absence from there. (SOOOOOO EASY)
    3.  Please be sure that your account is accurate.  If not please correct it.
    4.  If you do not receive a confirmation number after you have created your absence at the end of your call or web experience, the system did not log your absence.   You will have to repeat the process.  You don't need the confirmation number for anything but it does confirm that your absence has been registered. 
    5.   Please do not use Internet Explorer when accessing the web version of AESOP.  Use Chrome or Fire Fox.  
    6.  If you log-in  incorrectly several times, the system will lock you out.  This only lasts for 10 or 15 minutes. If this happens feel free to use the phone system or wait the 15 minutes and try again.
    7.  At our training on the last day of school we provided you with a training folder. In your folder is your welcome letter with your User ID and Pin number on it. In addition, I have provided you with directions that  I think are helpful.   
    8.  Do not use the back arrow.  Use the buttons on the screen. 
    9.  There will be no need to fill out personal day forms.  You will enter the personal day absence in AESOP and it will be routed to the administrator for approval.
    10.  This is very helpful-If you are calling in for a personal day and you have used all of your personal days, the system will not allow you to enter a personal day request.  
Last Modified on March 26, 2019