• ANTICIPATED Opportunities for 2019-2020

    (rev. 11/19/2019)

    ALL Teacher Candidates Must hold a valid NY State Certificate

    Current Valley Central Employees Provide the Following:

    Letter of Interest

    ALC: None at this time

    Berea1:1 Special Education Paraprofessional (Anticipated) (11.1.19)

    East Coldenham:  Supervisory Paraprofessional (6 hours) (Anticipated) (new 11.19.19),                                                                 Classroom Paraprofessional (6 hours) (11.8.19)

    Montgomery Elementary: None at this time

    Walden Elementary: None at this time

    Middle School: 1:1 Special Education Paraprofessional (11.15.19)

    High School: Hall Monitor (6 hours a day) (Anticipated) (10.29.19); Licensed Practical Nurse (6 hours a day) (10.21.19);               (2) Food Service Workers (4 hours a day) Anticipated (10.24.19)

    District: Licensed Practical Nurse (6 hours a day) (10.23.19)

    Teacher and Administrator Applicants Provide the Following:

    Teacher or Administrator Application


    3 Letters of Reference

    Resume/Cover Letter

    Professional Applicants Provide the Following:

    Professional Application

    Resume/Cover Letter


    3 Letters of Professional Reference

    Non-Instructional Applicants Provide the Following:

    Non-Instructional Application

    3 Professional Letters of Reference

    Resume/Cover Letter


    All Applicant Packets Should be Sent to:

      Stacy Talarico

    Valley Central School District

    944 State Route 17K

    Montgomery, NY 12549


Last Modified on November 19, 2019