Welcome Parents!

     Castle Learning Online is a web-based resource that allows your student to review Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, English, and Foreign Languages from any device that is connected to the internet!
    Your student can use CLO throughout the school year:
       • to complete assignments from their teachers
       • to create their own self-generated review sessions
       • to prepare for upcoming quizzes, tests and end of year state assessments
       • to practice vocabulary, math, grammar and listening skills
       • at home, school, or the local library -- anywhere with internet access – even their iPhones, iPads, and Android Smartphones!

    A Castle Learning Online student account with a Login ID and Password has been set up for your child. Ask your student to show you how easy it is to access Castle Learning Online!

    To get started:
       1. Go to www.castlelearning.com
       2. Enter your student’s CLO login ID and password* and click the Sign in button. *Note: If your student has not set a password, leave the password field blank for the first time and click Sign In. Then, follow the steps to create a password.
       3. Assignments from teachers will appear near the top of the page under the section labeled Your Classes.
       4.To generate an assignment without a teacher, select a Course to review in the middle of the Student Home Page and click the GO button. Once the screen refreshes your child can create an activity or review completed work.

    Castle Learning Online Activities:
       • Create Short Answer sessions with access to thousands of questions in the course database.
       • Work on assignments, which are sessions designed by the teacher.
       • Browse through the extensive vocabulary for the course or work on the vocabulary flash card activity.
       • Guided essay writing, DBQ, and constructed response activities are available in selected Castle Learning Online courses.
       • An activity can be interrupted at any time and continued at a later time.
    Castle Learning Support may be contacted at 1-800-345-7606 ext. 2 or by emailing support@castlelearning.com.
Last Modified on June 7, 2017