• Christine Dworetsky

    My name is Christine Dworetsky, and I am the VCSD Technology Integration Consultant.   
    I am a former Middle School Math teacher, with a Master's degree in Instructional Technology.  I am well-versed in a variety of web-based tools, as well as several software programs that can be used to enhance instruction.  I have experience in planning distance learning lessons, and I've taken classes on virtual trips across the country. I also train on SMART Technologies, mobile devices, G Suite (formerly known as GAFE), tools for Data Driven Instruction, blogs/websites, formative assessment tools, and much more.
    I work equally with the  "Techno-phobe" teacher and the "Tech Ninjas", and I tend to focus what I share around the use of the SAMR model, briefly explained in the video link below.  

    To make an appt with me, click on the link to the left, email me at christine.dworetsky@valleycentralschools.org, or call ext. 16959