• Frequently Asked Questions



    What is Parent University?

    Parent University is a compilation of resources and course offerings to help parents become full partners in their children's education.  


    What is the focus of the learning opportunities?

    Parent University will concentrate in four areas:

    • Parenting Awareness: Information and experiences that empower parents to raise self-confident, disciplined, motivated and educated children from birth through young adulthood.
    • Helping Your Child Learn in the 21st Century: Empowering parents to actively support the educational opportunities and academic challenges that children face in the 21st Century.
    • Health and Wellness: Information and activities that support healthy lifestyles for families, both physically and emotionally.
    • Personal Growth and Development: Opportunities for parents to increase their own personal and professional growth, enabling them to effectively advocate for themselves and their children.

    Who can attend Parent University?

    It is not necessary to be a VCSD parent to participate in Parent University.  Parent University offerings are for everyone who wants to learn more about education, child development, wellness, personal development and more.  YOu could be a grandparent, single parent, aunt, uncle or even an older sibling.


    Why was Parent University created?

    Parent University is a key strategy in the VCSD Strategic Plan.  Studies shows that the most successful students are those whose parents are involved.  Parent University was created to help families learn what they can do to support their children's academic success and well-being.


    How can I learn more?

    For more information about Parent University, contact Valley Central Pupil Services at (845) 457-2400.


    Where are the courses held? TBD


    How do I register? TBD


    Is transportation offered?

    How much do the courses cost?     FREE unless otherwise noted on registration


    How many classes can I take?       As many as you like throughout the school year.

    Are classes offered in multiple languages?  


    Could I offer a course? Absolutely, in fact, we encourage it.  For more information to be a presenter for Parent University, please contact  Valley Central Pupil Services at (845) 457-2400.


    Is childcare available?  Childcare will be offered for some Parent University courses, please refer to specific course registrations for childcare offerings.


    Do courses have credits? No, Parent University does not offer credits at this time.