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Step By Step Toward Success

  • Once the behaviors have been clearly identified through the FBA, as well as the precursors to the behavior, the participants will formulate a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP). The BIP is the actual plan created to help improve behavior. It is also a formal way to document interventions that are attempted. The plan must be specific and clearly stated, including the persons responsible for implementing interventions, rewards, or measurement of the intervention. Punishment should not be the only method used to address misbehavior. The interventions should focus on teaching the student new skills. Interventions may focus on teaching the student more acceptable behavior, modifying the classroom setting or curriculum, or modify the antecedent events. It may also introduce a behavioral intervention that uses reinforcements.

    The Functional Behavioral Assessment and the Behavior Intervention Plan can be used for students in Special Education and it can be used for regular education students. However, there are not laws requiring a school to complete an FBA or a BIP on regular education students. Schools often see the effectiveness of the plans on Special Education Students and want to use them with Regular Education students as well. When an FBA or BIP is conducted regarding a student classified as a Special Education Student, it is a function of the IEP committee.

    NYS Policy Brief on BIP's