• Data Collection Guide

    Collecting data in a consistent, user friendly, and time efficient way is the first step in addressing challenging behaviors.  This guide describes several methods of data collection for use with school staff.  

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  • ABC Chart - Version A

    Data Collection ABC Form - Version A (Fill in)

    This form is used to collect observation data for behaviors.  Information on the antecedent (what happened before), the behavior (what was seen), the consequence (what happened as a result of the behavior), and the intensity (how severe was the behavior) will be collected. Any staff member can complete the form.

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  • ABC Chart - Version B

    This is an ABC Data Collection Form.  Simiar to version A, information on the antecedent (what happended before), the behavior (what was seen), and the consequence (what happended as a result of the behaivor) will be collected. This version includes bullets with suggestions.  Any staff member can complete this form.

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  • First, Then Chart

    This is a First, Then chart to be used with students who require a visual aid for task completion.  Chart can be used with a student reinforcement or reward system.

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  • Daily Schedule - Sequence Chart

    This ia a First, Then, Next...... Daily Schedule Form.  This form can be used with upper elementary students who require a visual list of classroom tasks as they progress throughout the school day.  The form is completed at the start of the day to reinforce on-task behaviors and reward student progress.

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  • Teacher's Report Card from Students

    Wouldn't students love to give the teacher a report card?  Here's a "report card" students fill out about the teacher. 

    Students receive reports cards at least four times a year. Since teachers take a great deal of time to grade student performance and identify strengths and weaknesses, why not take this opportunity to give students chance to grade or rate your performance? Teachers can learn a lot from students' ratings and comments.

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  • Behavior Contract

    This is a simple student/teacher behavior contract.  The student and teacher meet and discuss the behaviors, they set a goal for the week and agree to a consequence for misbehavior or if the goal was not achieved.  The student, teacher and parent review the contract and sign the form before it gets put in place.  Behavior contracts are reviewed with the student each week.

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  • Ready To Learn Classroom Behavior Chart

    This is a classroom behavior management system.  Teachers print out and laminte the sheets.  Sheets are assembled vertically.  Student names or student numbers are written down on clips and attached to the sheets on the edges.  Student clips move up or down the chart depending on behaviors.  Students who end the day at the top of the chart earn a reward.

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  • K-5 Sticker Chart

    Sticker charts to be used as part of a classroom or student behavior management system.  Teachers can print out the charts and post in the classroom or on student desk(s).  Students earn a sticker each time an appropriate behavior is observed or when the student completes a task.  Students earn a reward when all the boxes are filled with stickers.

    OPTIONAL: The teacher can highlight 3-5 boxes on the card.  Student earns a reward when they reach a highlighted box.

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  • Upper Elementary Student Reward Coupons

    Attached is a set of reward coupons for students in the upper elementary grades.  Students earn the coupons as part of a classroom behavior management/reward system.  Teachers print out the coupons and distribute to students for appropriate behaviors and/or task completion.

    Please note: The file is set as a power point presentation.  To print the coupons, print the presentation slides.

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