7th Grade Take Home Project

    Quarter 1 2018-19


    DUE ON FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19th 2018


    It counts as a project grade!

    You can have help but you should be doing over 50% of the work!


    1. Choose a REAL object from your life - it can be anything!

    But it has to be real and in front of you to draw (not on a chromebook or from a picture)


    2. Grab a piece of newspaper - if you don't get the paper at home...ask a neighbor, friend, art teacher, librarian, we will find you a piece!

    Make sure you look at the piece of paper...does it have alot of black or pictures on it? (not the best piece to use) 


    3. Draw the object! It should be as LARGE as the piece of newspaper. 

    Be sure you are REALLY looking at the object...what kind of shape is it? When you break it down to simple shapes first, it will be easier to draw.


    4. Add color to the object! (No markers unless you are using to add details)

    Don't forget to use a soft surface underneath! (The paper is thin so be careful)


    5. NEATNESS and CREATIVITY counts!


    Coca Cola Nozell Drawing

    Ms. Nozell's example

    (Remember I've been drawing for a long time!)


    Foti Coffe Mug

    Ms. Foti's example

    (See her small details with markers...but she used colored pencils to color)