Popular Apps that Tweens and Teens Use

  • Below are some rules to reinforce at home for your child to follow to help with internet safety.

    • Keep your personal information safe and secret. Think carefully before you share a photo of yourself or your friends
    • Do not accept a friend request from anyone you do not know.
    • Never arrange to meet an online friend because it can be very dangerous. No matter how well you think you know people, it is possible to pretend to be anyone on the internet.
    • If you receive junk mail or spam or messages that make you feel uncomfortable, tell an adult that you trust and do not reply to them.
    • Always remember that sometimes people might say or write things which are untrue on the internet so do not trust everything you see or hear.
    • Most of the time on line is fun but if you see anything that makes you feel worried or uncomfortable tell and adult that you trust immediately.

    Finally, the best way to keep your children safe online is to be aware of what sites they are visiting and who they are communicating with. It is okay to take steps to make sure they are interacting with people you know and doing so in a way that’s healthy.

    If your child has a smartphone with apps, you may want to check out this guide. 


    Guide to Popular Apps that Teen and Tweens use.


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