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    VCSD Transportation Policies and Procedures

    It is important for the Valley Central School District to know the whereabouts of every child within our care, therefore, students will only be permitted on the bus they are assigned unless they have a bus pass that can be obtained from their school’s main office.

    The pickup and dropoff times allow for a ten (10) minute window. Students should be outside waiting the arrival of the bus at least five (5) minutes prior to their scheduled time.  Students should not be waiting inside their homes.  No driver, under any circumstances, is allowed to blow horns or wait.

    Parents or guardians must be at the stop waiting the arrival of Kindergarten through 2nd Grade and Special Needs students. If a parent is not present, students will be brought back to their school. If a parent or guardian is not planning to be present to receive their child, the Transportation Department must be notified with the name of the authorized person who will receive the child.

    Only the Valley Central School District has the right to add or change bus stops. Bus drivers are not authorized to do so.

    If your child is assigned to a van and will not need transportation on a particular day, please contact Orange County Transit at 845-244-8660.

    No one is permitted to “run down” a bus. If your child misses the bus at their stop, they may not board the bus at a different stop.

    Students are expected to display safe and positive behavior at all times while on the bus.

    Please remember, riding the school bus is a privilege, not a right!

    Requests for Special Transportation

    Pursuant to Section 3635(1), all requests for special transportation are due to the District Office by April 1st April 15th, (due to COVID-19) of the previous year or within 30 days of moving into the district.

    For Non-Public Transportation, Proof of address must accompany the request for transportation each year.

    Failure to submit this form by April 1 April 15th, (due to COVID-19)may result in the loss of your transportation privileges.

    Valley Central will provide transportation for pupils enrolled in Kindergarten through Grade 8 who live more than two miles from the school they attend and pupils enrolled in grades 9-12 who live more than three miles from the school they attend up to a distance of 15 miles. 

    The Application for Transportation to Non-Public Schools is available at District Office or you can request it by email

    Requests for Alternate pick-up/drop off

    Alternate pick-up/drop-off includes any request for your child to be transported to or from another location other than the home address on record with the district. 

    DEADLINES for requesting an alternate pick-up or drop-off are as follows:

            For requests outside of the school's attendance area:  April 1st (Must be a certified day care)   Now due April 15th, due to COVID-19 

            For requests within the school's attendance area:        August 5th. 

    Alternate transportation requests forms received after the deadline dates will NOT be able to start until after September 28, 2020. 

    A set transportation schedule is needed in order to set up alternate pick-up and drop-off requests. 

    For occasional changes, a note needs to be sent to your child's school each day alternate transportation is being requested.

    Click on the link below to access the Application for Alternate Pick-Up or Drop-Off:

    The Application for Requests for Alternate pick up/drop off is available at District Office or you can request it by email.