• Superintendent's Message

    September 2019

    A new school year is about to begin and two words keep coming to mind– caring and dedication. They are the two words I heard over and over last school year when I heard the stories of retiring employees. Those two words were used to describe people who had spent entire careers at Valley Central.  

    Around that same time last year, we had posted on our VCSD Facebook page asking Valley Central graduates, “where are you now?”.  It was thrilling to see how far and wide their paths from graduation at Valley Central had taken them. Our graduates have gone on to be successful in all walks of life: attorneys, actors, business owners, bakers, comedians, communications professionals, cosmetologists, cooks, dancers, engineers. musicians, members of the armed forces, firemen,  teachers, truck drivers, professors, parents, politicians, police officers, social workers, managers, medical professionals, restaurant workers, scientists, and the list goes on and on. They live far and they live near with many raising their families right here in the Valley Central community. And it is the dedication and caring that was shown to them throughout the entire Valley Central community in our schools and neighborhoods that helped to put them on those paths and have made us #VCPROUD of them.

    The definition of dedication according to Google is “being committed to a task or purpose”. Such commitment requires focus every day on one goal-caring for the students of VC.  We have staff districtwide who do this with exuberance every day. And the results are astounding– again we are one of the county leaders in graduation rates at 93% at the end of June 2019. 

    There is only one type of energy that can sustain such caring and dedication, and that is the power of positivity.  Recently research out of Stanford University found that a positive attitude matters as much as IQ. (www.inc.com/jessica-stillman/stanford-research-attitude-matters-as-much-as-iq-in-kids-success.html) As our students get ready to return to a new school year, everyone in our community can help them achieve by promoting a positive attitude and by imparting our own positivity to them. Further studies also suggest that a positive attitude can help us in coping with stress, improve overall wellbeing and boost our immune system. (www.opencolleges.edu.au/informed/features/positive-outlook-learn).

    We had a great school year in 2018-19 and I am grateful to the positive outcome of the budget vote, which passed at 66%.  We have had some great dialog with community members at the Viking Curriculum for Excellence meetings, which will continue this year as VC 21 meetings. All residents are invited to join us for these meetings or to drop by “A Second Cup of Coffee” to stay actively involved in the district.

    I wish all of Valley Central a wonderful 2019-20 school year and would ask that we all “Be Positive, Patient and Persistent”(Anonymous)!