• The Valley Central School District is a collective investment by the community in its future and a reflection of its values.  It is the responsibility of district leaders to work to manage the use of resources to provide the best education possible according to the mandates and requirements of the NYS Department of Education and Board of Regents to the community’s students while at the same time, developing and managing the district budget responsibly with accountability to all community members, including the taxpayers.  The Board of Education is charged to adopt a budget in the spring of each school year for the following school year that is presented to the community for a vote, held on the third Tuesday in May.

    The 2019-20 school budget is $ $106,822,000

    On Tuesday, May 21, Valley Central School District residents approved a $ 106,822,000 budget for 2019-20 that increases spending by 2.69%, with a 1.05% tax levy increase and is below the tax levy cap.

    Voters also approved:

    • Establishment of a Capital Reserve Fund: Voters passed a proposition to establish a Capital Reserve Fund with a limit of $10,000,000. The district fund was established with a $0 balance.  The purpose 
    • Three seats on the board of education: Voters re-elected one incumbent and two new candidates to fill three seats on the Valley Central School District Board of Education. The elected members, in the order they appeared on the ballot, are Sarah Messing, Arthur Fitzgerald, and Diana Revoir.

    Valley Central’s 2019-20 budget: $106,822,000 

    Program Budget: $88,015,212 ($86,920,518 in 2018-19)

    The Program Budget includes: The salaries and benefits of all teachers, guidance counselors, aides, monitors, psychologists, nurses, social workers and speech therapists.

    Capital Budget: $9,987,362 ($8,621,450 in 2018-19)

    The Capital Budget includes: Debt service on buildings; bus purchases; tax certiorari and court-ordered costs; and operations and maintenance costs including custodial staff.

    Administrative Budget: $8,819,426 ($8,481,325 in 2018-19)

    The Administrative Budget includes: The salaries and benefits of all professional members who spend 50 percent or more of their time in administration and supervision. Also included are: 

    clerical staff; public information; curriculum development and supervision; research, planning and evaluation; legal services; and school board-related costs.

    School Tax Information

    Tax rates for each municipality within the district are set each August. They are based on the tax levy for the year and final municipal assessments for each of the towns. Tax rates vary between towns because property in each is assessed at different levels in relation to full market value. The state assigns each town an equalization rate to fairly divide the tax levy between the towns. The district does not control any part of the assessment or equalization process.

    Town of Crawford             $58.87 per $1000 assessed

    Town of Hamptonburgh     $22.07 per $1000 assessed

    Town of Montgomery        $36.19 per $1000 assessed

    Town of Newburgh            $68.55 per $1000 assessed

    Town of New Windsor        $142.60 per $1000 assessed 

    Town of Wallkill                 $111.77 per $1000 assessed

    Town of Shawangunk         $113.79 per $1000 assessed 

    Valley Central School District tax payment information and receipts for the Towns of Montgomery, Crawford, Hamptonburgh, New Windsor and Wallkill may be viewed or printed by logging on to the website shown below. Use the drop-down and choose the appropriate topic. You may then further sort by name, address, bill number, etc. WWW.EGOV.BASNY.COM/MONTGOMERY


    Valley Central’s tax levy history

    • 2019-20  – 1.05%
    • 2018-19  – 3.11%
    • 2017-18  – 2.69%
    • 2016-17  – 0.48%
    • 2015-16  – 1.73 %
    • 2014-15  – 3.90%
    • 2013-14  – 4.08%
    • 2012-13  – 2.72%
    • 2011-12  – 3.78%
      • 9 Year Average  – 2.62%

    Tax levy limits, explained 

    The tax levy limit is the highest allowable tax levy (before exemptions) that a school district can propose as part of its annual budget for which a simple majority of voters (50 percent + 1) would be required for authorization. Any proposed tax levy amount above this limit would require budget approval by a supermajority (60 percent or more) of voters. The tax levy limit sets a threshold requiring districts to obtain a higher level of community support for a proposed tax levy above a certain amount.


    The VCSD BOE passed a resolution in 2014 voicing strong opposition to PILOTs and urging the seven towns that comprise the district, and Orange County to exercise restraint when granting them in consideration of their adverse effect on the tax levy limit  of the school district. 

     A PILOT is an entity or business that has asked for a “Payment in lieu of taxes” instead of paying their full assessed property taxes in exchange for a promise to develop that property to the advantage of either the Town or County granting it. Under such an agreement, a company makes some fixed yearly contribution to a municipality or school system rather than pay property taxes. The amount paid is typically lower than what the company would have paid if it was taxed normally. School officials have no say in the negotiation of a PILOT; the school district is at the mercy of the decision of the IDA and must abide by the agreement that they make. 

    Valley Central is currently affected by twenty-one PILOTs with the greatest number being in the Town of Montgomery.  While a PILOT shifts the tax burden in a community, it has another effect on the community as well. It affects the tax levy limit calculation of municipalities which can create financial stress of those municipalities.  

    PILOTS in Valley Central 2019/20


    • Sintered Metals Newburgh                                    • Kadge, LLC Montgomery
    • Bergy Realty Newburgh                                        • Polich Tallix Montgomery 
    • Cargex (Caleast) Newburgh                                  • Spruce Properties LLC Montgomery 
    • LKD Realty Corp Newburgh                                   • Bruderhof Community Montgomery
    • New Adventures/Air Logistics Newburgh                • HH FCU Montgomery
    •  NELCO Newburgh                                               • Goodwill Properties Montgomery 
    •  NY Telephone Newburgh                                     • Montgomery Manor Housing Montgomery 
    • NYS Dept of Trans/Omnipoint Newburgh               • Montgomery Senior Housing Montgomery
    •  EJ Delmonte Newburgh                                       • United Natural Foods/UNFI Montgomery

                                                                                       • Evergreens Senior Housing Montgomery

    • Carlisle construction Hamptonburgh 
    • Black Hawk Hamptonburgh  

    Senior Tax Exemption

    After a public hearing held by the Valley Central School District Board of Education on Monday February 25,2019, the BOE acted to increase the current Senior Citizen Tax Exemption qualifying income range. 

    Smart Schools Investment Plan

    On January 30th 2017, the Valley Central Board of Education approved the Smart Schools Investment Plan.  Smart Schools funding as proposed in the SSIP will allow Valley Central to invest in network infrastructure upgrades as well as improved video and door security technologies.

    Veteran's Tax Exemption

    The VCSD offers a partial Veteran's Tax Exemption to disabled veterans and veteran's who served during wartime or were in combat.  For more information about applying for this exemption, please contact the Town of Montgomery Assesor's office.  Contact the Assessor's Office