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    2020-2021 School Calendar


    1- Conference Day

    2- First Day of School for Students

    7- Labor Day

    16- County Wide Early Dismissal (15 minutes early)

    28- Yom Kippur


    7- Early Dismissal (Half Day for Students)

    12- Columbus Day


    3- Superintendent's Conference Day

    11- Veteran's Day

    24- Parent Teacher Conference Day

    25-27 Thanksgiving Recess


    2- Early Dismissal (Half Day for Students)

    23-31 Winter Break


    1- New Year's Day

    18- Dr. M.L. King Day

    26-29 Regents Week


    15-19  President's Week


    3- Early Dismissal

    26-31 Spring Recess


    1-5 Spring Recess


    4- Snow Date  Early Dismissal (only if needed)

    27-31 Memorial Day Holiday


    16-24 Regents Exams

    25- Last Day of School/Rating Day

    26- High School Graduation

    Early Dismissal Times: 

    HS:    10:17 AM

    MS:    11:15 AM

    ALC   12 Noon

    Elem: 12:15 PM

    How Many Snow Days Does Valley Central Have? 

    There are seven snow days in total.  The first three snow days do not have to be made up if used.  The fourth through seventh snow days are “banked” in the student school calendar. If there is no need for the fourth through seventh snow days, the days remain as part of vacations.  

    If there is a need for the fourth through seventh snow days to be used, it is understood that the days will be taken from the calendar as follows: 

    If a fourth snow day is used, the makeup day will be May 27th.

    If a fifth snow day is used, the makeup days will be March 26th and May 27th. 

    If a sixth snow day is used, the makeup days will be March 26th, April 5th and May 27th. 

    If a seventh snow day is used, the makeup days will be March 26th, April 5th, May 27th and May 28th.

    Makeup days were made public when the BOE adopted the calendar on February 10, 2020. 

    Students and employees are cautioned to not make vacation plans encompassing the “banked” snow days, or makeup days, as attendance is expected if needed on those days.  

    The district bases its decision to have a snow day on the weather conditions of a particular day and the overall safe transportation of our students.