• Updated Academic Plan: Coronavirus Shut Down

    March 29: Governor Cuomo has extended New York State school closures until April 15th.

    Please continue to have your children check their Google Classrooms and email daily. It is very important that students engage in these learning activities to the best of their abilities. Valley Central teachers will not be posting new learning activities from April 6th - April 14th.   Students should use this time to complete as much work as possible if they have not done so by April 6th. 

    Although this material will not be graded, students will benefit from completing these activities.  We are currently developing a new instructional plan which will  begin on April 15th, should the closure be extended. More information will be provided on the new learning plan as soon as possible.   

    Thank you for your continued support. We wish you all good health and safety during this difficult time. 

    Valley Central Teachers are connecting with their students regularly and assigning work. 

    Please be sure your child(ren) is checking their email and/or Google Classroom on a daily basis. Some may be using other platforms as well. Teachers are also reaching out to parents through email. 

    We do not know how long the closure will last. What we do know is that it is very important for your child(ren) to be completing the work assigned to the best of their ability. Although work will not be graded, this will ensure that learning continues to take place.

    Valley Central has provided an array of resources in all subject matters, including special areas, that you will find to the left, on the side menu. 

    The following information is provided to both students and their caregivers with Google Classroom. Please reach out to your classroom teacher or building administrator, or marianne.serratore@vcsdny.org if you have any questions.  

    Logging into Google Classroom from Home:

    To sign in for the first time:

    1. Go to classroom.google.com and click Go to Classroom app.
    2. Enter your student username (Student USERNAME is Firstname.lastname@k12.vcsdny.org) and click Next.
    3. Enter your student password and click Next. (Student PASSWORD is VClowercasefirstinitiallowercaselastinitialbirthmonthbirthdate)
    4. If there is a welcome message, read it and click Accept.
    5. Click “I'm A Student” 
    6. Click Get Started.


    What is Google Classroom? A Parent's Introduction: Please note the narrator on this video is not a VC teacher, but he does explain how classroom itself works.

    Thank you for your patience at this time.  

    I know this is all new and we are all experiencing some levels of frustration. Please know we are here for you and your children. Please reach out if we can assist in any way. 

    The uncertainty of this situation can be stressful for us all. By supporting one another, our school community will successfully navigate whatever lies ahead. Please anticipate frequent updates as new information becomes available. Please feel free to reach out to me with any academic concerns at marianne.serratore@vcsdny.org.