Between the Covers of a Book...
    Read, Achieve, Succeed...
    -Adventure, Knowledge, Imagination........
    My name is Carla Zappone and I have been a reading teacher at Valley Central for 21 years!  Most of that time has been spent at East Coldenham Elementary School.  I am a K-12 certified reading specialist, but have spent most of my teaching career working primarily with kindergarten, first, and second grade students.  I am also a Reading Recovery trained teacher and practiced as one for 16 years before the program ended.  I work very closely designing reading interventions that match the developmental and academic needs of your children, as well as on developing phonemic awareness and language skills, writing, and critical thinking skills.  I absolutely LOVE my job and it is my absolute pleasure and passion to work with your children on learning to read.
    If you have any concerns, questions, or compliments, I can always be reached by phone or email.  You are your child's first teacher and I look to you for any insights that you can provide so that I can better assist him or her. 
    I look forward to working with you and your child this year!
    Carla Zappone, AOGPE
    Reading Teacher
    (845) 457-2400 Ext. 19575
Last Modified on December 4, 2018