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    To prepare our students with disabilities to develop their fullest potential, it is incumbent upon the Valley Central School District to aim to achieve the following goals and objectives which reflect the mandates of the revised Regulations of the Commissioner of Education of the State of New York.

    • To provide a free appropriate educational program and as necessary, related services for each child with a disability requiring special education, from age three through twenty-one years.


    • To provide activities that foster social development and, to the maximum extent possible, assimilation into regular school and community activities.



    • To provide to each resident preschool child, identified as having a disability, the opportunity to participate in an approved preschool program within a reasonable distance from the child's home, or to receive the appropriate related services.


    • To provide a coordinated and comprehensive instructional program from kindergarten through high school.


    • To provide appropriate related services to students with disabilities as needed.


    • To encourage parental involvement and understanding of special education programs.


    • To provide appropriate vocational services to students with disabilities.


    • To provide Transition Services and develop a post secondary school plan for each student with a disability.
Last Modified on December 3, 2016