• Technology Department User Request Form

    Please use this form for a New Employee or if you wish to modify a Name Change or add a new account for an existing employee, etc.  This form should also be used to Delete any employee from VCSD accounts.  This form will cover any changes in voicemail, network, email, eSchoolData, etc.  A new employee should fill out the form and have it signed and approved by the building principal or department head.  For a deleted employee, please print that employee’s name, circle “Delete User,” and have it signed and approved by the building principal or department head.  All accounts associated with that employee will then be deleted. 
    Please also use this form for any employee who is transferring to another building within the District. This form must be approved and signed by the receiving building principal or department head.
    Once completed, please submit the original form to the Technology Department for processing.
    User accounts requested then will be created/modified/deleted and the completed form will be returned via interoffice mail.
    Please use this link to access an online version of the User Request Form.  When received, authorization will be requested to the administrator of the department requesting the changes, additions, or deletions in order to finalize the request.
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  • Website Photo Release Form

    Website Photo Release Form is to be filled out by a parent and/or guardian who DOES NOT want their child's picture posted on the school website. This document will be kept on file with the building principal for the current school year - with that in mind, a new form must be filled out every school year.
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  • Student Internet Agreement Form

    This form is to be filled out by the student and signed by the parent or guardian. Must be kept on file with the building principal.
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  • Website Access Form

    The Valley Central School District presently uses a internet filtering system that is supported by the local BOCES. This form is needed in situations where a page is blocked and a teacher requests that it be accessible. It ALSO can be used when a particular internet page is deemed inapproriate and a teacher would like it blocked. This form should be filled out by the Teacher and approved by the building Principal. Once received by the Technology department, the rquest will be reviewed. Upon approval of the Director of Technology the necessary action (block\unblock) will be taken and a copy of the form sent back to the originator of the request.
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  • Network Software Install Request

    Please use this form when a purchase has been made of Networked Software intended to be installed on the building server. The computer teacher and Principal should fill this form out together and send it (with the software and all manuals) to the Technology Office. Once approved, the software will be installed on your server. At that point, directions will be sent back to the building that clearly detail what steps need to be taken at each PC that will need to access the software on the server. This piece of the install will be performed by the building computer teacher or paraprofessional.
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  • Technology Equipment Loan Agreement

    To be filled out by Building Principal, in a situation, when school Technology Equipment needs to be loaned out to staff. Principal should fill out the form and send a copy to the Technology Office. Once the equipment is returned, the form should be updated with the return information and another copy sent to the Technology Office.
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Last Modified on January 21, 2016