Art Department - Kathyn Foti, Department Chairperson


    Grade 6 Art
    Grade 7 Art 
    The required art instruction time for 7th and 8th grade Art is met during the 7th grade year. 
    Art courses provide to students activities that foster creative expression. cpmmunication trhough artistic endeavor, and appreciation of culture and heritage.  Activities may include those that enable students to refine their technique, increse their artistic vocabulary, express themselves and their world view, make connections to other content areas, develop their own aesthetic and strengthen their critical abilities.  Although typically involving the visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture, crafts and the like), these courses may also include other forms of art (for example, dance, music and theater.) Specific course content conforms to any existing standards for grade 6 and for grades 7/8 for 7th grade. 

    Extracurricular Activities related to the Art Department