• Minimum Immunizations Required For School Attendance
    Please note the following are the minimum immunizations required to attend school, not what is recommended as a complete series of immunizations.
    Diptheria                    5 doses 
    Polio                            4 doses                         
    Measles                       2 doses 
    Mumps                       2 doses
    Rubella                       2 dose
    Hepatitis B                 3 doses   
    Varivax*                    2 dose
    If your child has had the chicken pox, the Varivax vaccine is not required.  The disease must be documented in writing by your private health care provider with the date of disease or blood work showing immunity.
    The immunization record must be signed by a health care provider or certified by a clinic.
    A student may be exempt from the immunization requirements if there is a medical or religious reason.  For a medical exemption there must be a written statement from your health care provider.  This must be updated every year.  A request for religious exemption must be in writing by the parent/guardian stating your genuine and sincere religious beliefs, and approve by the superintendent or his designee.
    This form can be obtained at the nurses office or on the District Registrar's website
Last Modified on June 21, 2018