• School Physicals
    Physical examinations of each new entrant to the Valley Central School District and for students in grades K, 2, 4,7, and 10 are required by New York State Education Law.  Students who transfer to Valley Central during the school year must have a physical examination to participate in physical education , as physical education is a required subject area (Education Law, Article 17, Section 803).
    New York State Law requires that the physical examination be conducted by a licensed physician certified to practice medicine.  A nurse practitioner or physicians's assistant , in collaboration with a physician, may also conduct the physical examination.
    We urge you to have the Annual Physical Examination Form completed by your child's regular physician, who will give your child a more complete diagnostic exam. The limited medical appraisal by the school practitioner is not a complete physical examination.
    If this form is not returned to the school by September 30th or 15 days after registration, the school reserves the right to request that the school practitioner conduct a medical appraisal of your child.
    Please be reminded that all physical examination should be completed within the twelve months prior to the commencement of the school year in which the examination is required.
    These forms can be obtained from the nurses office, the nurses website under Health Office Forms for Parents or on the District Registration, website.
Last Modified on February 1, 2012