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             The Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps ( JROTC) is organized under the authority of the National Defense Act of 1916, reinforced by the Act of 1964. The program is sponsored by the United States Army in conjunction with the Board of Education. JROTC is the Principal's program.
          The JROTC unit was established upon application by the Board of Education, Valley Central School District, to the United States Army.  Date of establishment: 17 Apr 2003.
         Title 10, United States Code, Section 203-1, Provides for leadership instruction and training for physically fit male and female students at educational institutions meeting prescribed conditions.
        In each of the schools which offer JROTC, there are military personnel assigned as instructors. These are retired Army personnel, and the position titles authorized at Valley Central High School are as follows:
    Senior Army Instructor (SAI): COL Bernstein and the Army Instructor (AI): MSG Wimmer