English 9                                                                                               Mrs. Henrie

     This sheet must be kept in the front of your binder for your reference during the school year.  Do not lose this sheet.

    Classroom Rules 


    1)  Arrive to class on time and be ready to begin.

    2)  Be prepared every day—it is expected that you will bring your binder and pens to class.  Check the Do Now on the board and begin.

    3)  Participate and follow directions the first time they are given.  Stay in seat until class is dismissed.

    4)  Cooperation—we all work together.  Listen to others respectfully, raise your hand and wait to be called on.  Inappropriate language of any kind will NOT be tolerated in any way.  Cell phone usage is not allowed at any time.

    5)  Be ready for success, it is our most important goal—bring a positive attitude every day.

    6)  It is expected that homework will be done the day after it is assigned.  Late homework will not receive full credit, but it will be accepted.


    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to get the missed work.  This includes notes, homework assignments, class work, quizzes and tests.  I am available in Room 126 during Post-Session from Tuesday-Friday. Collegial hours are: Tuesday and Wednesday, 6:55-7:25.

    Voice-Mail: x19331 




    Student Signature                                                                                                                  Date


    Parent Signature                                                                                                                      Date





    6)  One three-ring loose-leaf binder (1” or 1 ½”)   filled with paper. 

    You will also need a marble composition notebook, which will be used as a journal.


    7)  Dividers for English binder labeled as follows:


              Writing and Regents Prep


               Do Now


    8)  Pens, highlighters and White Out.


     During the year, we will be reading various types of literature and informational text in accordance with NY State Standards and the Common Core.  Additionally, poetry, short stories, vocabulary/spelling, essay writing, journal writing and grammar will be covered.  Assignments will be posted on my website.




Last Modified on October 6, 2017