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         The Valley Central Drill Team encourages discipline, confidence, and teamwork, while striving to perfect the commands to move troops from one point to another.  To be a member of the team requires commitment and concentration.  The Valley Central Drill Team consists of unarmed and armed drill.  Unarmed drill consists of basic drill maneuvers, without weapons; while armed drill uses replica M1903A3 Springfield rifles weighing in at 8.69 lbs.  Both armed and unarmed movements are done in accordance with Army Field Manual 3-21.5. 

       The Valley Central Color Guard is very active in the community.  In addition to providing Color Guards for school athletic events, Valley Central also provides honors for many prestigious non-school functions, such as, the Walden Harvest Fest, 911 Remeberance, and Veterans Day & Memorial Day Parades.  A Color Guard generally consists of a New York State Flag, an American Flag, as well as, two rifles. 
        Both teams compete locally and are open to all cadets in JROTC.