• Our school's homework policy:

    *20% of average
    *Credit received as follows:
                *Full credit if turned in on due date (directions must be followed)
                *Up to 65% if turned in within one day of due date
                *No credit after one day late
    *Absent work:   
              *Work for the month and month prior is always displayed on the classroom calendars.  Be sure to check the calendar(s) when returning from an absence.

    Make Up Assignments

            *Any missed worksheets will be labeled with students' names and placed in the appropriate baskets.  Students that are absent are responsible for checking the calendar(s) and basket for any missed work.

             Absent Work

     *All work turned in after the due date (both absent and late work) must be placed in the yellow basket to receive credit.

    Yellow Basket


    *Parents/Guardians, please check my website daily for homework assignments.  Also, please check your student's planner daily; planners are stamped if assignments are not completed (excluding make-up assignments). 



Last Modified on August 29, 2017