A Socially Distant Visit from A Fairy Princess

Fairy tales are part of Ann Marie Herman’s kindergarten classroom at Berea Elementary school.  Mrs. Herman could recreate many of the learning activities virtually, but some of the magic was missing.  So Mrs. Herman decided to simply arrange to provide a little magic to their experience of learning at home. She thought that a fun fairy visit would brighten their day, as it did hers, during this sometimes scary time.

Mrs. Herman reached out to all students’ families  sending them a private message and requesting that they keep it a secret in order to surprise the students.

When she arrived at homes, she sat out on the front lawn or back lawn while the family stayed behind their glass door, so that everyone remained socially distant and she didn’t have contact with the children.  But her sheer presence made the visit just a little more magical for the children then seeing her on a teleconference.  She read them stories and then ended with the same wish for all,  “My wish for you is for you and your family to play, have fun, be happy and read lots!”

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