Parent University

Parenting and educating today’s students, while demanding, is undoubtedly, one of life’s most important pursuits. The Valley Central School District seeks to support our families and community members through Parent University, with resources and free, informative programs through Parent Circle,  and community forums such as VC 21. 

Parent University recognizes that behind each successful student are supportive families, teachers, school staff and community members who take an active role in educating all of our students. No matter what your role, Parent University encourages involvement and participation in the education of the community’s students.

Second Cup of Coffee

A Second Cup of Coffee is an opportunity for members of the VC community to meet with district administrators in an informal setting to discuss any questions, suggestions or offer feedback about district matters.  This is a rotating event throughout the year, typically during school drop-off times as part of the district’s effort to facilitate ongoing discussion between our administration team and the greater VC community.  Dates are announced on our website and Facebook page.  These opportunities will return when it has been deemed safe for us to resume them. 

VC21 meetings

VC21  is an open community conversation about the Valley Central School District and the Educational Future of our Students. VC21 meetings are held throughout the school year to encourage community input about what is being taught at Valley Central.  Meetings dates and times are posted on our website news and social media.

Racial and Social Equity Committee

This purpose of the Racial and Social Equity Committee is to better understand and respond to the issues of racism and social equity that exist in society and at Valley Central. We empathize with the community and condemn hatred, injustice, and destruction at all levels.  The Valley Central School District seeks to engage with one another and collaboratively design learning environments that will be liberating for all.

Social-Emotional Learning

Valley Central is using the Yale RULER program to help students assess, understand, and respond to their state of emotions as it affects their daily life including the learning process. Social-Emotional Learning is partnered with the curriculum to give students a more well-rounded education. 

Bullying Prevention

Bullying in schools is a systemic problem that affects all school districts in the United States. Bullying is a repeated aggressive behavior characterized by a power imbalance and the intent to cause harm. Students who are bullied often feel threatened and powerless.  Learn more about Bullying Prevention here

VCSD Calming Room

The VCSD Virtual Calming Room is a place where students, families, teachers and staff can find tools and strategies for managing emotions and feelings and build our resilience to face life’s challenges in healthy ways.  The following resources can be found there:
  • Visual Relaxation
  • Sounds and Music
  • Mindful Movement
  • Guided Meditation
  • Mindfulness
  • Exercise
  • Live Animal Cams
  • Coloring and Creativity
  • Puzzles and Games
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Positive Affirmation and Quotes
  • DIY Coping Tools to Reduce Stress
  • Mental Health Wellness App Reviews
  • VCSD Resources
  • Support Websites
  • Self-help Phone Numbers

Parent Circle Workshops

Parent Circle workshops are held throughout the year at VCSD and open to all VCSD residents.   

Parent Digital Resources

Created by our Instructional Technology Coach, this page will help you navigate the digital side of learning.  

For Elementary School parents

Elementary Summer Reading List 2021-2022 can be found here.

Printable PDF of Elementary Summer Reading List can be found here. 

Academic Help for Elementary School parents

For Middle School parents

Academic Help for Middle School parents

How to talk to teens about vaping

For High School parents

Academic Help for High School parents

Orange County’s Social Host Law

College Admission and Social Media

Special Education Resources

There are many resources useful to parents dealing with Special Education issues.

ENL -English as New Language Resources

There are resources to help English as New Language learners.

Health and Wellness Links

Find health and wellness links to help you with mental, emotional and physical health/wellness issues

Orange County Youth Bureau

Find the  CYFS Services Directory at this link. The Orange County Youth Bureau distributes a free comprehensive Children, Youth and Families Services/CYFS Directory to all Orange County schools through their Guidance Departments.  Our Directory is filled with descriptions and contact information for dozens of local service providers, government departments, school districts, colleges, and libraries. 

Stay Safe Online

Protecting Our Children on the Internet

Parent Portal

Use SchoolTool Parent Portal for online access to your  student’s schedule, attendance and grades.

If you do not have a School Tool Parent Portal or need to change something on your current account, please fill out this form.

Adult Learning Opportunities

Orange-Ulster BOCES offers many Adult Learning Opportunities.