VC Reopening Plan- Child Nutrition


Eleanore Mills ( is our School Lunch Manager and oversees all aspects of child nutrition in our Reopening Plan. All schools in Valley Central will follow SFA policies when communicating about school meal services, eligibility, options and changes in operations.  All communications will be provided through a variety of communication methods including website, social media, emails, robo calls, newsletters, and regular mail and translated into the languages spoken by families. 

Valley Central has identified Eleanore Mills as the contact person to receive and respond to communications from families and to school staff. Families will be reminded through food service communications during the summer and periodically during the school year that they can submit a new application for free and reduced-price meals any time during the school year.  Applications are available from each school building, on our website, and in our calendar. Phone in ((845) 457-2400 ext. 16896) and in-person support to complete the application is available from our Director of Food Service, Eleanore Mills.

School meals will continue to be available to all students, including those attending school in-person and those learning remotely. 

When placing money on your child’s account, we recommend using  If money is given, we ask you to place it in an envelope with your child’s name and teacher on it.  Checks would be preferred.

Meals Onsite

For students onsite, meals will be provided while maintaining appropriate social distancing between students. Students do not need to wear face coverings when seated and eating so long as they are appropriately socially distanced.

Elementary Level

Students will go through the serving line wearing masks and socially distanced.   Elementary students will eat in their classrooms. 

Elementary Breakfast

  • All students will be coming through the serving line for breakfast wearing their masks and socially distanced. 
  • All food will be handed to them from a server. 
  • Swipe cards will be used and placed in a bucket to be sanitized for the next day. 
  • If a student does not have their swipe card, the cashier will punch in their name into the Point of Sale site.  Pin pads will not be touched.

Elementary Lunch

  • Teachers will be taking your child’s order and giving them to the cafeteria workers to make their meals.
  • They will then be delivered to each classroom for their lunchtime. Cashiers will enter meals into the Point of Sale at that time. 

Middle/High Schools

The district will ensure social distancing between individuals while eating in the school cafeteria. If not feasible, meals may be served in alternate areas or in staggered meal periods to ensure social distancing and proper cleaning and disinfection between students.

  • Students will go through the serving line wearing masks and socially distanced.
  • All items they choose will be handed to them by our servers.
  • Swipe cards will be used.
  •   If a student does not have their swipe card, the cashier will punch in their name.  Pin pads will not be touched.

Lunch will be served in the cafeteria and breakfasts will be taken to the classroom. 

The sharing of food and beverages (e.g., buffet-style meals, snacks) is prohibited. Adequate space will be reserved for students, faculty, and staff to observe social distancing while eating meals

Meals served while students are learning online or remotely

Each school webpage has a Meal Order Form link  to order meals from daily. 

Order time will be until 9:30 am each day in order to prepare meals. Pick up is from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm. 

Money will need to be placed through  No money will be taken by the person handing out orders.

Meals will be delivered curbside as follows: 

Berea:   Side door from the entrance
East Coldenham:  Main door entrance.
Walden: Back entrance
Montgomery:  Side entrance
MS and HS:  Middle School side entrance

This same system will be in place in the event that all learning returns to remote or online.