VC Reopening Plan – Staffing


Teacher and Principal Evaluation System

All teachers and principals will continue to be evaluated pursuant to the district’s approved APPR plan. Valley Central will consider whether their currently approved APPR plans may need to be revised in order to be consistent with their plans for re-opening under an in-person, remote or hybrid instructional model. School leaders will continue to attend annually required Lead Evaluator training.

Certification, Incidental Teaching and Substitute Teaching

All teachers will hold valid and appropriate certificates for teaching assignment, except where otherwise allowable under the Commissioner’s regulations (e.g., incidental teaching) or education law.

 Student Teachers

Student teachers from NYSED registered college or university programs can serve under the supervision of fully certified teachers in Valley Central.  Student teachers will follow all of the social distancing, mask wearing, health status reporting, and other COVID-19 procedures that the teachers follow.  Student teachers will serve under the supervision of our full time certified teachers only.  At no time will a student teacher be used as a teacher of record.

Vulnerable Populations

The unknown vulnerabilities of our faculty and staff will be handled on a case-by-case basis with support from our Human Resources department.  Accommodations, where appropriate, will be provided when and where needed.  Faculty and staff will be trained in vulnerabilities outlined in guidance provided by the State Education Department and are asked to notify their supervisor with questions and concerns.