All Students Will Go to Remote Learning from November 30th until January 19th

From: John P. Xanthis, Superintendent

We are proud to have been the largest school district in Orange County to open its doors to students on time in September.  Better days are ahead and there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  One day, hopefully soon, we will be able to return to school as we once knew it.

Until that day, it is imperative that we all do whatever it takes to support our children and provide them with the best possible education we can and work together to ensure they are showing up to participate. 

The District is aware that the frequent closures, often done at a moment’s notice, make it very difficult for both parents and students.  These closures and quarantines have made it difficult for us to provide continuity of instruction. As we have already informed you, the Orange County School Districts and the Orange County Board of Health have been in
discussions about in-person instruction following Thanksgiving.
Due to rapidly increasing positive cases in our area, Dr. Gelman, the Orange County Commissioner of Health, has made a strong recommendation that all Orange County Schools pause in-person instruction after the Thanksgiving break for a period of time. This letter can be found here.

Valley Central takes all guidance issued from the Department of Health very seriously and therefore will pause in-person instruction beginning November 30, 2020 until January 19, 2021

We will continuously monitor the situation and if at any time we receive information that would lead to changes, we will inform you immediately. 

Teachers and staff will continue to provide online instruction from the school buildings to all Valley Central students via Google Meets and Google Classroom per the normal schedules. It is very important that students attend all scheduled Google Meets and complete the assignments provided

Attendance will be taken on a daily basis and grades will be given.  We ask our parents for their support in ensuring that students are showing up and doing their best.  If you need any assistance, please reach out to your child’s
teachers for help.

This was a very difficult decision that was not made without careful consideration.  We believe that a short return for one week, during a period of time that the Commissioner of Health is clearly concerned about the increasing spread of COVID-19, will do little to assist with the educational consistency students need and could expose students and staff
to an increased risk of quarantine over the winter holidays. 

Thank you for your continued support of the District throughout this very difficult time. 

COVID-19 has created an abundance of obstacles, which this community continues to overcome to the best of their ability.  I am honored to serve as your Superintendent.