Annual Mock Disaster Staged with the Help of Many Community Volunteers

The annual Mock Disaster was staged at VCHS on Thursday, May 4, 2023 with the help of many community volunteers.

Seniors have a somber assembly of alumni who come back to tell stories of accidents that touched their lives and the people who they lost. They then watch their classmates enact a horrific accident in which one of the students die and another is arrested for driving under the influence.

Our local volunteer firefighters from Montgomery Fire Department, Walden Fire Department, Maybrook Fire Department and Coldenham Fire Department all responded to the call of a fatal accident as did the Town of Montgomery police, our ambulance companies, and OC Coroner, Joe Horan.

It was narrated by Anthony Trapini (Coldenham Fire Department) who descibed the scene moment by moment with commentary. He reminded the seniors that they could change so many lives with one careless decision. He asked them to remember what they witnessed and to make good decisions so they could enjoy their Senior Ball and the day after, and the day after that. The students watched respectfully and applauded the many volunteers who gave up their time to teach them a very valuable lesson.