April 16th: Update from COVID-19 Coordinator

Our first week back of five day in-person instruction for elementary students went very well. The teachers and administrators, as well as our students and families, are to be commended for their flexibility and willingness to make this work.  

Our Reopening Task Force has been reviewing the updated guidance and we are working to determine a way in which we can safely bring back our 6-12 students five days a week. The secondary principals are working with their teams to determine if they can bring back all secondary students that have requested 5 days a week in-person instruction, while maintaining the six feet distance requirements.  You may be getting a call from your secondary administrators early next week in order to assist us in updating our plan. 

We would like your feedback and will have another Zoom meeting on Wednesday, April 21st at 6:30 p.m. in order to answer any questions you may have on the most recent guidelines. You can access the Zoom meeting with this link: https://zoom.us/j/93498505233?pwd=dVJOWThZS3F4azFJMzVqWVRIU1Z3UT09

Please submit your questions ahead of time using this Google Form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1iR5oeSmPcpsC07-V5x7iNCr9ZtBL9Wp4-RyD6lFsAsk/edit

There have been some questions concerning the reporting of positive COVID- 19 cases in the district. There were eight positive COVID- 19 cases reported to us this week involving a mix of students and staff.  As always, all staff members and parents of students that needed to quarantine were notified and these cases were reported on the CDC dashboard, as is required. You can access that information here: https://schoolcovidreportcard.health.ny.gov/#/home

When a positive COVID 19 case results in the closing of a building, or the need for an entire grade level or team to learn from home remotely, we will send out a message that day.  Otherwise you can expect a COVID-19 update every Friday afternoon. As a reminder, Wednesday, April 21st is a Secondary Team 1 in-person day. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Valley Central School District.