Fall Sports Tryout Information – First Day of Practice Schedule

Starting 8/20 athlete drop off and pick up will be in the bus lane in front of the Middle School due to the paving of the High School parking lot. 

Coaches will update athletes if changes are needed.

Football (Varsity and JV) meets at Sheds Behind HS; First practice is 3:00pm; Saturday, 8/20

Girls Swimming & Diving meets at Pool at 3:00pm; Monday, 8/22

Girls Tennis (Varsity and JV) meets at Tennis Courts at 8:00am; Monday, 8/22

Girls Soccer(Varsity and JV) meets at Track at 7:00am; Monday, 8/22

Volleyball (Varsity and JV) meets at HS Gym at 8:00am; Monday 8/22

Boys Soccer (Varsity and JV) meets at Dugout near Varsity Field, 8:30am; Monday 8/22)

Cross Country meets at Track at 8:00am; Monday, 8/22

Football (Modified) meets by hallway pool entrance at 2:55pm; Friday, 9/2

Girls Volleyball (Modified) meets at MS Gym at 2:55pm; Tuesday, 9/6

Cross Country (Modified) meets at MS Room 110 at 2:55pm; Tuesday, 9/6

Girls Soccer (Modified) meets at Outside BB Court at 2:55pm; Tuesday, 9/6

Boys Soccer (Modified) meets at MS Gym at 2:55pm; Tuesday, 9/6