When a student is injured during a school-sponsored activity or outside of school and symptoms of concussion are present the following procedure is to be followed.

  1. In school or at a school-sponsored event the student is immediately removed from the activity, and may not return until medically cleared to do so.
  2. The coach or other responsible adults will notify the parent immediately and request that they have their child assessed by their private health care provider.
  3. The coach or other responsible adults will fill out the Student Incident Report within 24 hours and forward it to the proper office.
  4. If the student is injured outside of school it is expected that the parent will inform the school nurse in their child’s building of the injury, the school nurse will provide the parent/guardian with the “Post-Concussion Forms” to be completed by the child’s private health care professional. The school nurse will also complete a concussion evaluation if one has not already been completed.
  5. Whether injured at school or off school grounds the school nurse will provide the parent/guardian with concussion management information.
  6. In order for the student diagnosed with a concussion to return to physical education and/or athletics, they must be medically cleared by their private healthcare provider and by the school physician.
    a. The student must be symptom free for 24 hours prior to clearance. The school physician requires two visits to the private health care provider prior to clearance. This is to be documented in the provider assessment form. There must be at least 24 hours between visits.
    b. Once medical clearance is obtained the student is to begin the return to play progression. If at any time during the return to play progression the student experiences a reoccurrence of symptoms, activity is to be stopped for a period of 24 hours. If the student is symptom-free for 24 hours they may begin the return to play a progression at the previous step during which symptoms were experienced. If they are not symptom-free after 24 hours they are to be referred back to their private health care provider.
    c. The return to play progression is a five-step process and takes a minimum of 5 days to complete.

These protocols will be followed by all Valley Central School District health care professionals (nurses, Athletic Trainer and School Physician), coaches and teachers who are responsible for returning a student to active participation after a concussion, as appropriate. The District’s concussion management /return to play protocol is to be followed even if the student presents a prescription and/or other note from his/her health care provider or emergency room provider authorizing a return to play or other physical activity sooner than required by this policy.

As always, please contact your school nurse or principal should you have any questions.