Basic School Supplies Have Been Purchased by the District

From: John Xanthis, Superintendent

The Valley Central School District is committed to helping families, especially during these difficult times.  In light of the challenges with the economy, high unemployment rates, and family personal economic struggles, we have decided that families should not have extra expenses in the form of purchasing school supplies.  For this school year only, each building and the Alternative Learning Center has purchased the majority of school supplies that teachers would usually ask families to buy prior to the start of school in September.  In some cases, more so at the upper-grade levels, specific supplies might be needed to assist students in the classroom. Students and parents will be informed of any additional needs pertaining to specific courses once school begins.


Back to school shopping has become a tradition in our country, so it is our hope that families can concentrate on more personal items for their children such as clothing, shoes, and backpacks.  Again, recognizing that times are difficult economically if you are in need of extra assistance in obtaining these more personal items, please contact your child’s school.


It is our greatest wish that you have a pleasant and healthy summer.