Berea COVID Procedures

Welcome to Berea Elementary: A Guide for Families

Morning Arrival


Students being dropped off will have their temperature check before getting out of their cars.  Students taking the bus will have their temperature taken as they get off the bus. Once cleared, they may proceed to enter the building.

Entering the Building

Students will enter one at a time at all entry locations and report directly to class.

Kindergarten students will be entering through the individual exterior doors that lead directly into the kindergarten classrooms.

All other students will be directed to the nearest entrance by staff while maintaining social distance.


Breakfast begins at 8:50 a.m. and will be “Grab and Go”. Students will pick up their breakfast in the cafeteria and take it to eat in their classrooms. 

Student drop off will begin at 9 a.m. for those students not getting breakfast. We ask that you come as close to 9 a.m. as possible if you are driving your students to school.

Our instructional day will begin at 9:15 a.m and ends at 3:30 pm.

ACCESS – Please note that parents will not be provided access to the bus platform (the entire front of the building.  Please say goodbye to your child(ren) from your car.  Staff will be available to escort students to the building with more staff inside to direct students to their classrooms.  We will take care of your child(ren) as if they were our own. We promise!

Student Pickup/Drop Off after arrival time

No visitors will be allowed in the building

Parents/guardians who are dropping off a child late to school  should park in a legal spot in the parking lot and escort the child to the front door and ring the bell.  There will be an iPAD mounted on the wall with a simple Google Form for the parent to enter necessary information (student name, parent name, reason for drop off/pick up)

The greeter will ask the parent/guardian to show identification to the camera, complete the form and submit it and then someone will come to the door to escort the child to class.

This procedure will be the same for parents picking up children early from school whether it be from the nurse’s office or to go to an appointment etc.  In this case, the children will be escorted to the front door by a staff member to join the parent/guardian .

Please try to make appointments on days students are not in attendance

Afternoon Dismissal

Dismissal will begin at 3:25 pm.

Please remember to social distance at all times and wear a mask when in close proximity to others.

Kindergarten Pick Up

Student pick up in the afternoon will look similar to last year.  Parents  will wait outside by the kindergarten playground along the wall.  Please remain in line 6 feet apart to wait for your child to be dismissed.

A staff member will come out to check your ID and check your name off the list

Kindergarten students will be dismissed from the exterior door of their classrooms by their classroom teacher.

Grades 1-5 Dismissal to Parents

Grades 1-5 students will be dismissed from the building door adjacent to the kindergarten classrooms.

Bus Students

Bus students will be escorted to their buses by their teachers/paraprofessionals

Hand Washing/Sanitizing Schedule

Arrival to classrooms in AM

Before and after snack and lunch

Before and after recess

Before and after special area classes

Before and after using shared objects (i.e.,  electronic devices, toys, tabletops)

After using the bathroom

After sneezing, wiping or blowing nose or coughing into hands

Upon coming in from outdoors

Anytime hands are visibly soiled

Classroom Setup

Students will sit at desks that are kept 6 feet apart

Students and teachers will wear masks at all times, but will be provided with frequent, controlled mask breaks throughout the day.

All student desks will face the same direction towards the front of the classroom

Teachers will open windows and doors frequently to improve ventilation

Student coats and bookbags will be placed on the back of each chair as cubbies may not be used

We anticipate that these procedures will take time to adjust to and we ask for your patience as we work our way through it.  Please know that these procedures are in place to protect your child’s health and safety always.

For Help on Remote and Online Days

Consult the VC Parent Guide to Instruction

Parent  Resources

The VC Parent Resource Page contains Student Login Information, Tutorials, Tech Assistance, as well as WiFi/internet information for parents. You can find the VC Digital Parent Resources Page can be found here.

School Meals are Available During the PAUSE of In- Person Instruction

The distribution schedule of the free school meals will be adjusted as follows from November 30, 2020 through January 15, 2021. 

As a reminder, free breakfast and free lunch is available to all VC students, age 2-18. 

Meal pickup will resume on Monday, November 30th. During the pause of in-person instruction, pickup days will be on Mondays and Wednesdays only. Orders must be placed from the website by navigating to the building that your child attends and filling out the order form. If you have children in multiple schools, you may order and pick up meals for each child from the building that is most convenient for you. 

Meal pickup on Mondays: 

Meal pickup on Wednesdays: 

If you have any questions, please email