Berea Returns Time Capsule to Cornerstone

When Berea Elementary was opened in 1969 a human had set foot on the moon for the first marking a monumental milestone in human history.  A time capsule was created weeks after the school had finally opened in November 1969. It contained art work, poems, pennies and flyers from the newspaper.  The time capsule was opened last September as Berea embarked on a Golden Anniversary celebration. 


That celebration was cut short by another monumental moment in history, the global pandemic of 2020. John Solimando, principal of Berea Elementary chose to return the time capsule back to the wall including some 2020 additions. Included were a Berea Directory, a poem, a 5th grade Class of 2020 tee shirt, a signed copy of “Grease” production program and of course, a mask.  

The time capsule has been returned to the cornerstone of Berea Elementary to be opened again in the future. 

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