Berea’s April Game Show Was REALLY GROSS!

This past Friday, April 28th, art teacher, Mrs. Brahm hosted Berea’s 4th Game Show for the entire school to watch. This show was called the Totally Gross Game Show. Participants included our Principal, Mr. Solimando,  paraprofessional, Mrs. Calderon, permanent substitute teacher, Miss McCarthy, 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Walker, 5th gr teacher, Mrs. Doce, and one of our SRO’s, Officer Alex (Landolina). As seen in the video, we have our teachers performing hilarious skits like “How to Make a PB&J Sandwich” and a YouTube Makeup Tutorial. We also see Officer Alex and Mr. Solimando partake in a blind taste test of “mystery” drinks! All six participated in a round of “CheeseBall” head and lastly, all had balloons filled with gross substances, such as jelly, chocolate syrup, blue gatorade, spaghetti-O’s, baby powder and glitter being POPPED over their heads! These game shows are intended to build a greater sense of school community and student engagement. When school is fun, students want to be here! Having fun and laughing with each other builds trust and a sense of safety. When students feel engaged, safety and trust, they’ll be at their BEREA BEST!