Breakfast and Lunch Meals are Free to All Students Beginning November 2nd

Our School Food Director, Eleanore Mills was able to establish Valley Central as site for free meals through the USDA will the help of the NYS Senate due to new regulations and waivers because of COVID-19. 
As of November 2, 2020, all meals (breakfast and lunch) are free for every Valley Central student.  Our program will be considered a closed campus in which only our VC students will benefit from this program. 
Meals are available to in-person, remote, and 100% online students.  The process for obtaining the meals will remain the same; remote/online students can fill out the meal form located on their school webpage and pick the meal up at their school. 
This is only for the 2020-2021 school year ( until June 2021).  Meals are only provided for when school is in session. Meals will not be provided for during holidays, snow days or recess days.  
Only breakfast and lunch meals are considered at no cost to the student, all other ala carte items (ala carte is only available at the secondary level.)  Milk is included with the free breakfast and lunch meal.  Milk that is bought separately from the meal is not included.